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One of a Kind by MaxAnne

Wire-wrapping is my first love,

but there's so much more to learn.

I pray it will never end.

Quality materials matter. Most stones are purchased from India or Indonesia. They're fabulous but then there's the gemstones. Isn't it amazing that all these stones (and the metals) come from the earth that God has provided.

Wire and metal materials are usually one of 3 ~


  1. Argentium Sterling Silver ~ Wires range from .935  to .960. It's better in quality that .925 Sterling  and resists tarnish better. Pieces that are made from sheets are Sterling.

  2. 14/20 Gold Fill ~ It's simply the best. It doesn't look brassy next to your 14k and will look the same in 40 years.

  3.  Copper - Some pieces reflect copper color and  simply dictate that this metal be used. It's quite  beautiful and can be aged to enchanting hues.

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