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Palm Root Agate is a type of natural stone formed from fossil palm trees. This stone has a dark brown to black color with a unique pattern formed from wood remains that have undergone a mineralization process over millions of years. This stone is unique because it is a fossil from an extinct coconut tree. Apart from that, the unique pattern on this stone also makes it an attractive choice for jewelry. Cabochon Fossil Palmroot also has high historical value because it is a silent witness to life in the past.

Palm Root Agate also has metaphysical powers that can help the wearer overcome fear and anxiety. This stone is also said to help increase self-confidence and open the mind to accept new things. In the world of jewelry, Cabochon Fossil Palmroot is often used as a material for jewelry that has a natural or ethnic theme. This stone is also often used as a material for jewelry that has historical or sentimental value.


In choosing Cabochon Fossil Palmroot as a material for jewelry, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the stone. A good quality stone will have a clear pattern and an even color. 

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